Laminar Lip spoiler, BMW K1200S 2005-on

Model/varenr.: LIP-B1191


Monteres hurtigt og enkelt med det medfølgende patenterede Dual Lock velcro fra 3M.

Laminar Lip er et omvendt bæreplan (airfoil), som sørger for at skyde vindturbulenserne 10 til 15 cm længere op end hvis man kører uden en Lip (hos nogle modeller helt op til 20cm længere op).

Med en Lip kan du nu kontrollere luftstrømningen omkring din motorcykel kåbe.

Montagevejledning (kun på engelsk)


Mounting Instructions for B1191


  1. Make sure that the temperature is above 70°F to assure good adhesion of the 3M(tm) Dual Locks.
  2. Place the motorcycle on level ground.
  3. Clean the surfaces where the LIP will be located with the soapy water (not polish).
  4. Wipe and dry the surfaces where the Dual Locks will be located with the enclosed alcohol pad. The surface should not feel slippery to your thumb.
  5. Gather the necessary tools to remove and replace hardware.
  6. Remove the two rearmost machine screws securing the windshield.
  7. Loosely install the supplied screws and small washers on the outside of the LIP.
  8. Place the large nylon washer and large rubber washer sandwiched together on the underside of LIP. (The rubber should be on top of the motorcycle surface and the nylon against the bottom of the LIP).
  9. Loosely install machine screws in to their respective holes.
  10. Rotate the front of the LIP upward to remove the release plastic from the Dual Locks then align the LIP and windshield.
  11. Press the LIP and windshield together at the adhesives locations (min. 15 lbs. pressure) to insure good bonding. By looking from the back of the windshield assure that the tape is totally adhered. The adhesive should look wet and sealed.
  12. Snug down the screws, but do not over tighten.
  13. DO NOT USE THREAD LOCKING ADHESIVES the solvents will craze the plastics.
  14. Tomorrow check and press it again, the adhesives are time cured and should be nearly set up in 24 hours; however, you can ride now if you want.
  15. To remove the LIP the Dual Locks must be separated. To do this use a kitchen or butter knife (not sharp). While pulling the LIP away from the windshield use the knife to slice the Dual Locks apart. Once started they should not be too difficult to separate. Save your extra Dual Locks.
  16. If VHB Adhesive is removed at anytime do not reuse. Occasionally check integrity of the mount.